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Ahsen Nazir Ahmed

Ahsen Nazir Ahmed


Sharif Medical City



Professor Dr.Ahsen Nazir Ahmed, Professor of Surgery With 27 Years of Work Experience Nationally and Internationally in Medical Schools and Accredited Hospitals. He Do All Kinds of General Surgery with Special Interest in Breast, Hernia and Laparoscopic Surgeries and have 14 Publications and 3 Case Reports. He Believe Surgeons Save Lives and have Conducted Over 200 Accredited Courses of BLS, ACLS And ATLS being Course Director. He Value and Invest in Human Resource and believe patients have all the Rights. He is a LifeTime Learner With “Tell Me More― Philosophy. His Educational and Awareness Website Is Ahsennazirahmed.Com

Research Area

Breast surgery and hernia surgery, along with extensive experience performing laparoscopic surgeries